How to select and post a single page across sections?

I have a md file in the posts section, I want it to appear in other sections, including “about”, “blog”, and “archive” without putting the same md file in different sections.

I know Hugo has a type function, unfortunately, it supports a single value instead of a list.
so in the front matter I put such variable:
multitype: [posts, archive, about]

Now I am in the section.html.html, according to the document, I shall use intersect, however,

{{- $pages := where .Site.RegularPages “Params.multitype” “intersect” “posts” -}}
doesn’t work.
{{- $pages := where .Site.RegularPages “posts” “in” “Params.multitype” -}}
doesn’t work

I notice that the “tags” function has a similar function, but the reason that I am trying this is to pop posts freely to different sections at the same time, instead of gathering them only in the “tags” section.

I already looked into the document, but it didn’t solve my problem.
where | Hugo (

Use intersect to compare two slices

{{ range where site.RegularPages "Params.multitype" "intersect" (slice "posts") }}
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