How to render shortcode in partials which were defined in a data variable?

I want to use the a theme ( and do not like to write my email address in plain. So usualy I want to obfuscate it with javascript. But I guess it could be nice to have this ability to do this on other places too.

I just updated Hugo to the newest available Version: v065.3 (Mac)

in contact.yml I have:

  contact_Details :
    - icon : fas fa-at
      info : "Email: {{< email >}}"

in layouts/partials/contact.html:

<span>{{ .info }}</span>


some html and js

And it will render as is defined in yml = htmlcode looks like the yml variable value.

Second example:

- id: copyright 
  translation: Copyright &copy; 2019-{{< year >}}

will render with an error:

Error: add site dependencies: load resources: loading translations: "/Users/rh/Nextcloud/Website/webserver/": failed to load translations: unable to parse translation #6 because template: Copyright &copy; 2019-{{< year >}}:1: unexpected "<" in command
map[id:copyright translation:Copyright &copy; 2019-{{< year >}}]

Is there a solution for these “features” or a workaround?

I don’t know of a way to include a shortcode in a translation file.

What I did for one of my websites was use a custom value in the text (for example, {{year}}). Then in the template code I look if the string contains that value. When it does, I use replace to replace {{year}} with the proper string.

This way you can ‘inject’ any Hugo-rendered code into a text.