How to remove TaxonomyTerm?

In my project, I only want to use the taxonomy, categories, and not the taxonomyTerm.

From the docs, I’ve learned that I need to update config.toml and add:

disableKinds = ["taxonomyTerm"]

However, if I visit: http://localhost:1313/categories/ it shows a blank page rather than a 404. But when I look under Public/categories, there is no index.html file. So I’m confused if the page exists or doesn’t.

After I’ve deployed, will a user that visits a 404 or a blank page?

If you do not want Hugo to create any taxonomies, set disableKinds in your site config

With your setting you disable the listings!

If I’m understanding your question, you need to specify only the taxonomies that you want. For example

  category = "categories"

So a list template is what feeds this particular page. You could redirect the user to a different page (404 page, for example) with a manual http redirect or an alias if that’s what you wanted.

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