How to range links?

I want to range through some social links and display them sitewide which have the same variables (name, URL, weight). Up to now, after reading the docs, I am seeing three ways:

  1. Create the links as a menu in config.toml or config/_default/menus.toml
  2. Use cascade (it works in the root of the content section)
  3. Create a data file in the data folder.

Of course there is also the option to hard code the links. Other than that, is there a recommended way to do this?

I would/always go for 3.

I am familiar with number 3 having used Jekyll for a while. But Hugo appears more flexible in this case with more options.

I also ‘come from’ Jekyll.

I have seen your comments in their forum. I think number 3 looks good coz I have more use cases for data files.

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