How to present downloadable Files on the home page?

I want to give some downloadable files directly from the home page. .

In other places I can use a leaf bundle with some resources metadata in the ‘’ and a partial to show the files from a subdirectory as describe in the documentation on page bundles

If I rename the ‘’ file in /content to ‘’ I only see this page , no menu entries , everythingh seems broken, but I see the ressources in the subdirectory as I want. is my friend here .

Do I undersatand correctly that I have to move my downladable file in the content dir directly ? And of course write a different partial to show the file list ?

Can you give us a concrete example of what resources you’re trying to link?

At first glance this should work, with the right code in your index.html template.

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Directory structure is like this


  • # the home page
    ±–download # these files should be easyly downloaadable
    ±- profil.doc
    ±- oracle
    | ±- some pdf files

At the moment I have no index.html at all

front matter of content( is

- src: 'download/Profil.doc'
  title: Freelancer-Profil auf Deutsch
- src: 'download/CV.doc'
  title: CV in english 
    icon: word

I use a shortcode named download which looks like this

	{{ range  $.Page.Resources.Match "download/*.*" }}
		<a target="_blank" href="{{ .Permalink }}">
			<i class="far fa-file-{{ .Params.icon }}"></i> {{ .Title }}
	{{ end }}

Thank you !

And this shortcode does not work from your content/, correct?

No, it does indeed work and thats the strange thing. When I make the home page to a leaf bundle (by using an instead of see the home page, the ressources and the download link, but no menus at all. I know that this is not the way to do it, but I was surprised by this result.

Sorry if I was confusing.

In the meantime i rebuilt the site and made the home page to a proper section bundle.

 │   CV.doc
 │   Profil.doc
 │   └───technote
 │   │
 │   └───download
 │           a.pdf
 │           another.pdf

I created a modified shortcode for this case . The whole thing works works mostly as I want .

The one exception is that the oracle_scheduler/ shows no content at all.

This is because


needs to be



Isn’t the content in oracle_scheduler a classical leaf bundle ? So it should be ‘
Interestingly when I gererate the site (hugo and not hugo serve) the page gets generated.


I used –disableFastRender and the page is shown with the file name

You’re correct. Mistake on my part.