How to override main index.html

I am trying to override the main index.html the one that base URL uses. I tried creating content/ when I do these other pages don’t render and the menu generated by the Hugo doesn’t show in the index.html

If I remove and replace it with it workes fine but then as per the documents refers to _default/list.html and refers to _default/single.html, but adding the loot changes the structure of the website.

So how would I override the main index.html?

The repo is at

What do you mean by “override”?

adding contents to layouts/index.html via lets say content/

Also, according to Static Index w/ Separate /blog? layouts/index.html should take contents from content/ that’s not happening for me.

Your theme has a index.html file but, there’s no reference to {{ .Content }}, which is needed to pull content from the body of a markdown file.

Override the theme’s index by copying the theme file to the same place as in your project folder, and editing it. If Hugo finds a non-theme file in the same location as the theme file, the non-theme file gets precedence.

Copy the theme index to /layouts/index.html then edit to override.

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I tried that, you mean by creating /content/ and use {{ .Content }} in /layouts/index.html

It’s not working

@RickCogley – His theme does have {{ .Content }} in layouts/index.html, see below:

@akshaybabloo – Found your issue. In your content/ you need to set draft: false

@RickCogley – Well, scratch that, we’re both right. Looks like @akshaybabloo added it in after your comment:

Since the themes are in git repos that can easily get overwritten, I would recommend doing the override thing I mentioned above, over editing the theme directly. Of course, you can always copy the theme’s files in, instead of doing a git clone.

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