How to output to a static public folder of html with images, asciidoc?

I am new to both GoHugo and Asciidoc, which seem like a perfect solution for simple publishing. I have all my page features working to my liking as much as I need for now.

I am having trouble outputting to actual html so I can put it up on my website.

1.The output of the ‘check’ command is confusing me. I do not understand the below.

2.Is asciidoc not yet supported for deployment? Maybe that explains [1]?

Thank you !

$ hugo check160319s-try.adoc (renderer: markdown) (layout: post/single.html, exists: false) (layout: _default/single.html, exists: false) (layout: theme/post/single.html, exists: false) (layout: theme/_default/single.html, exists: true)
canonical => /Users/me/src/cqeHugo/cqe-img-folder/public/post/160319s-try/index.html

$ hugo --theme=hugo_theme_robustCRITICAL: 2016/04/24 Errors rendering pages: Error converting unsupported file type 'unknown' for page '160319s-try.adoc'


What version of Hugo are you using? Is asciidoc installed an in your PATH? I notice that the check command thinks that it needs to use the markdown renderer. That doesn’t seem right.

Ty moorereason for your questions. Yes I have asciidoctor on my path. I have two hugo’s running.

$ which asciidoctor

$ hugo version # this is the one used in my question
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.13-DEV

$ hugo-dev version # I also have this on my machine
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.16-DEV BuildDate: 2016-03-19T14:55:01-04:00

1.The asciidoc does seem to work but all my output in /public is *.xml not *.html.

2.StayStatic has some examples of html, not xml, outputs and I asked here if the templates are hand-coded: