How to output page resources of each language in same folder

Hugo outputs page resources for each language in each language’s folder and thus creating duplicates.
I tried Headless Bundle and I created a folder media in content/ and it didn’t worked. Actually I want all resource in one folder for each language and page. Like a media folder which store all resources.

I tried various ways:
I placed the media folder in content/' and it's giving something like nopPagethen moved the media folder intocontent/en/ and access it like:

{{ (.Sites.First.GetPage "media").Resources -}}

But it’s showing an empty array.

Thank you.

I think you will have to place your images in the assets/ directory, and use resources.GetMatch instead of .Resources.GetMatch.

I cannot think of another way to avoid duplicate image files in the publish directory.

Do you have idea if working with assets directory resources how to use resources param in front-matter?

The resources array in frontmatter describes one or more Page Resources. It has no connection to global (assets directory) resources.

Ok thanks a lot then I’ll find any other way