How to make Pagination in a single html with varaible in a single toml file

The default pagination in Hugo is just by pages, and write like this
{{ range (.Paginator 10) .Pages}} {{end}}
then we can use the button Paginator.prev and
what I want is just paginated from the varaible i use in my single toml.file,for example like
{{ range Paginator .Site.Params.cases}} {{end}}
How should I write my code?

You cannot use Hugo’s pagination feature on single pages. You can only paginate list pages. See doc: Pagination | Hugo

There are functions on the Page object that can be used to “fake” some form of pagination. Have a look at this:

.Next, .NextInSection, .Prev, .PrevInSection could be used for links between single posts. A numbered pagination however is not possible.

What is this? Is a case related to a page? If so, how?

Ok,I use this function to try

Yes, the default Paginator can only produced by list of pages, I just want paginate with varaible in a single page