How to make link for multilanguage site

Hello. I am create a website with two versions of the language. Its structure:

    ├── english
    │   └──
	├── examples
	│   └──
	└── russian

In the file (in both Russian and English versions) I need to reference for The examples folder does not belong to languages, it contains common files. How can I get a link to from the article? I did not use the Get method, because I am making a link in the md file, not in the html.

When I had one version of the language, this construction (in the file) worked:

[View example](http://localhost:1313/examples/headers/static_header)

Now this link is going nowhere. How to fix it?

I solved it. Just put the examples folder in the english folder. In theory, the principle works here that hugo, if it does not find a resource for localizing the language, takes the default resource (in my case, the Russian version of the site uses files for the English version).

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