How to make a template for Taxonomies

I have a blog folder and a blog folder under templates with a list template that generates an overview of my blog posts.
I want another template that is more simple for my taxonomies, so I have created a folder named tags and categories with a list.html file to generate the overview.
When I navigate to tags or categories he renders the simple overview like expected, when I click a tag or category he renders the simple overview even he list my posts. When he lists my posts I want to have the template I use to render my blog posts overview. How to combine them?

Please read the requesting help guidelines and share your code.

It isn’t clear which page you want to template; taxonomies are all list pages (list of content per term, then list of terms).

Yea I could control the template by creating folders for each term that I use for taxonomies, but I want to keep it more dynamic and let it open.

To make it more clear.

I have two list templates, lets call them list1.html and list2.html

When someone navigate to my taxonomy “tags” I want it to use list1.html but when it opens a certain tag, e.g. tags/tagterm where it lists all posts that contains that certain tagterm, I want it to use list2.html instead that is a list template that renders details about the posts like creation date, read time, thumbnails etc.

These information are irrelevant for the tag listing.

Here is an example of what I mean

you have a list of category names only

When you click a name you may be redirected to another view listing posts with another template like here

How to do the same?

terms.html did the trick.