How to list all posts of all sections on a single page?

I’d like to make a single page listing all the posts of a certain type from all the sections and I’m not sure how because I’m still learning. As I understand it, the list view tend to be per section, not for all sections.

Here’s my setup example for site :

I have a few sections to group pages:
/content/apple/ – for pages with type=“fruit”
/content/spinach/ – for pages with type=“vegetable”
/content/orange/ – for pages with type=“fruit”
/content/mango/ – for pages with type=“fruit”
/content/banana/ – for pages with type=“fruit”
/content/carrot/ – for pages with type=“vegetable”

I’d like to a have a page to list all posts of type=“fruit”, weighted by .Date. How do I go about doing that? Where will the template go?

Addendum: An extension to this issue, I’d also want to make a page (example to list the sections and their metadata that I have in/data/` Any ideas?

Thank you!

Is there a reason why you do not create all fruit pages in a section named fruit? For example:


Now you can create a list template to show all fruits at examplesite/fruit/.

You can also force URLs and types in front matter. For example:

type: fruit
url: /fruit/apple/

The type will override the content type based on location. url will create a redirect to the page from that location.

Thanks for the tip. I would have done the same way too, but I inherited this site, and the content was dumped as is from Movable Type. That why I need to do it this way. The example I gave is the simple version of the sections.

I’ve decided to follow your suggestion. A lot easier to maintain the site in the long run. Thanks again!

I certainly understand. Apologies for not thinking about inheriting a site. I had a similar problem when I moved from Octopress to Hugo. Luckily for me I only had to modify 20 posts so I did it by hand.