How to judge the mobile or pc explorer?

i want do some modify , to implement the different function in pc and mobile . how i judge the type of explorer in the module code ?

You might want to search on stack overflow. Also, study for good basic tips.

As for detecting whether a visitor is on mobile, look into CSS media queries.

@hiproz I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you looking for something on the client or server to detect device and browser? If you want something on the client, I can give you some basic Javascript to look for userAgent. Per @RickCogley, media queries are your go-to for responsive design. Please expand and I’ll try to help.

Maybe this can help you

Differenet content on different screen sizes

thanks all. i need the hugo like styele . like this :

{{ if isMobile }}
{{ end }}

i notice that the huge page has adapted for the mobile . how it do it that make the different style.


This is not possible. Hugo is a STATIC generator, so any mobile detection will have to be done client side. Please read the Hugo documentation carefully. This should take some time. If you still have any questions, please post them here.