How to include shortcode into html file?

I am using a shortcode for the site. When site assembly work such sequence:

  1. I have a file (path: content/sections/ There I am using the shortcode

    {{< feedback/feedback__title >}}
    Clients feedback
    {{< /feedback/feedback__title >}}

  2. I have a shortcode file feedback__title.html (path: layouts/shortcodes/feedback/feedback__title.html)

    <h2 class="feedback__title page-section__title">
    {{ .Inner }}

  3. And I have an partials html file, (path: layouts/partials/section__feedback.html), where the code is:

<section class="feedback page-section">
<h2 class="feedback__title page-section__title">
Clients feedback
etc -->

I need instead of h2 paste my shortcode, that is filled from Before that I used {{.Content}} because the structure of the html file was simpler. Now I need to insert a specific tag with own classes at a specific place (This is not only about h2. I will need to do this with a lot of tags).

How can I access the shortcode from the html file?




{{< foo >}}
Clients feedback
{{< /foo >}}


{{- .Page.Scratch.Set "feedback" .Inner -}}


<h2>{{- .Scratch.Get "feedback" -}}</h2>


{{ define "main" }}
  {{ $noop := .Content }} {{/* You must do this before calling the partial */}}
  {{ partial "bar.html" . }}
{{ end }}