How to hide scrollbars in HUGO for highlighted code without CSS?

Can I hide this ugly scrollbars via some highlight shortcode option? I don’t see anything in docs that could help me (maybe needed option is undocumented). :thinking:

{{< highlight yaml "hl_lines=2,linenos=true" >}}
  name: "Emily Grace Seville"
  age: 22
  interests: "DevOps"
{{< /highlight >}}

There is no need in scrollbars because there are no long lines. :smile: If there is no such option now for this shortcode what about to add it? It could be named such as hide_scrollbars and have 3 values: all, horizontal and vertical.

P.S. Why this shortcode uses positional parameters instead of named ones? It’s better to use named parameters when customization is needed or positional one when no configuration is required.

lineNumbersInTable in config.yml fixes this problem. :smile:

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