How to give `.Render` an output format (e.g. json)?

In list.html I often use {{ .Render "item" }} within a range. (docs)

How do I use this with a different output format? For example, I am trying to build a JSON site. When I use {{ .Render "item" }} in list.json it will output the item.html result :frowning:

There’s a note on support for output formats in partial in the docs (scroll down from here), but nothing about .Render.

Yes it seems it always default to looking for the main Output Format’s template when using .Render.

There is an open issue about this behaviour.

Ah, thanks. Will track the issue.

In continuation of output format issues, the taxonomyTerm page fails to include the json format in its .AlternativeOutputFormats despite declaring taxonomyTerm = ["HTML", "RSS", "JSON"] under [outputs] in config.toml. I don’t see this has been reported before. If you can confirm I should probably open a new issue.

OK, after some more testing I’m fairly confident this is indeed a bug. Reported it here.