How to get all Non-Regular Pages?

I have nested content sections with leaf and branch bundles. Is there a single function to get all in a recursive manner?



the bundle type: leaf, branch, or an empty string if the page is not a bundle.

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Great, thank you. Are these approaches identical? Are there any undocumented best practices or Hugoisms to consider?

{{ $pages := where $.Site.Pages "Section" "my_section"}}
{{ range where $pages "BundleType" "branch"}}
  {{ .}}
{{ end }}

{{ $pages := where (where $.Site.Pages "Section" "my_section") "BundleType" "branch"}}
{{ range $pages }}
  {{ . }}
{{ end }}

Yeah, they’re the same. To avoid initializing a var you can:

{{ range where (where $.Site.Pages "Section" "my_section") "BundleType" "branch" }}
  {{ . }}
{{ end }}

But I think readability trumps efficiency; your choice.

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