How to get a \\\\ from markdown

When I write


in Markdown it is replaced by

<br />

in the generated HTML output. Can I get \\ with some escapes or other tricks ? I need it for multline in MathJax. I tried \\\\ but that gives \<br /> instead.

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Of course \newline is a workaround, but it would still be good to know how to get \\.

Four backslashes work for me: \\\\ produces <p>\\</p>.

But I am not using MathJax. Did you see the issues with MathJax section? Maybe that will shed light on yer issue.

Thanks — it turns out that I needed to wrap in <div></div>, which makes \\\\ work.

EDIT I spoke too early. For another code block it does not work. Can someone with MathJax enabled check how

J_g = \begin{bmatrix}
J\_{f,x} & J\_{f,y} \\\\
0 & I

renders for them on v0.21? Particularly what comes after {f,y} in the HTML.

I am now under the illusion that I figured it out. Looking at the source it seems that Hugo uses EXTENSION_BACKSLASH_LINE_BREAK for BlackFriday, which can be disabled by

        extensionsmask = ["backslashLineBreak"]

in the configuration. This appears to fix the issue.