How to edit posts?

This question might sound stupid but I noticed that I can’t edit posts that I created a while ago, e.g. to fix a typo or to clarify an answer I gave.

Editing is usually done by clicking on the pencil in the bottom left of a post. But the pencil isn’t shown in older posts. Is this an intended function of this forum?

I would guess it is a anti-troll mechanism.

You post something, I answer – then you come back later and change the original post so my answer looks stupid… I.e:

You: Vote for Hillary!
Me: Totally Agree!!
You: Edit Hillary > Trump

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It makes sense in this scenario. Otherwise there are also legit ones.

I made you a moderator, can you check if that had any effect?

Indeed. The pencil is now shown in any post regardless of their publishing date.

Thanks @bep.