How to do sorting in Taxonomies?

I’m using taxonomies as:

  1. categories
  2. subcategories
  3. grades
    I was trying to sort subcategories as lowest to highest keeping the first two as it is. I’ve tried to use weights but it didn’t work. Can you please help me out in fixing this, please? I would appreciate it!

The image show the one i’ve right now.

@ju52 Thanks for referring that, but i’ve tried to follow that way but it didn’t work. Do you mind to show me how would you fix this issue?

you can sort it by Count.

For more help give us a repository to look in.
I have some taxonomies in my sample, bot only in one level.

@ju52 Thanks for sharing that! The structure i’m looking for is like:
Cursos 10 ----- 1
Cursos 11 ------ 2
Simulacros 3 ------ 4
Simulacros 5 ------ 4
Simulacros 7 ------ 4
Simulacros 9 ------ 4
Simulacros 10 ------ 4
Simulacros 11 ------ 4

My apologies as the question was quite confusing.

Please give us a repository for help.