How to 'disable' the website? Meaning, generating a landing/under-construction/under-maintenance page?

I am using Hugo site generator for my site.


Sometimes you are in the need of disabling a website; in this case, Hugo should generate a different index.html and do not generate any other page. The content of public/ should only be the landing page and its dependencies.

  1. Can this be achieved in the Hugo environment?
  2. Is this scenario even included in Hugo?


Some, but mainly when the site undergoes maintenance and we want to display just a bare landing page with some basic info, alerting the visitor that the site is temporarily down.

Hi and welcome to Hugo.

Have a read at the docs page about configuring Hugo:

You could set up different configs, for example having one for the landing page scenario. In this config, you might want to configure disableKinds to disable all except the home kind (full list of disable-able Kinds in the same docs page as above).

Then perhaps point to a different layoutDir and/or contentDir as well, so you can use a different set of templates and content files as necessary.


At some point I will try @pointyfar’s hugoish way, but there is also the way of using redirects via your web server. For example redirecting all traffic via an Apache .htaccess file.

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This seems promising… I am trying it :slight_smile:

Someone asked this on the Netlify forums:

I don’t know if you use Netlify, but you may want to take a look.

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Not really, but it seems an interesting reading. Thanks