How to deploy on Gitlab/ install hugo modules in Hugo docker image?

I am trying to host my wochemy pages on gitlab (instead of netlify), so am looking for the right way to write a CI/CD file for that.

I used the image provided by klakegg/hugo, which already produces an image of go inside. My .gitlab-ci.yml is as below:

    name: klakegg/hugo:pandoc
    entrypoint: [""]


  - hugo
    - public
  - master

but then upon running the pipeline the message reads:

Error: we found a go.mod file in your project, but you need to install Go to use it. See module "" not found; either add it as a Hugo Module or store it in "/builds/user-name/repo-name/themes".: module does not exist
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

I am not quite familiar with the CI/CD process and did not find any good reference pertinent to this aspect. It seems from wowchemy structure that they have a config.toml in their default file which allows install of this module, but I cannot see how to combine two approaches.

Thanks a lot!!!

Thanks a lot! That works!

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