How to define a layout for a specific file?

I am building a site from scratch and I am stuck with a simple problem that I cannot solve through the documentation about template lookups.

I would like to have one page (say, “About” → that would have a layout different from a single page. Whatever I do I end up having it processed as a single page.

  • I first tried to simply have a layouts/about.html
  • then layouts/_default/about.html

I then thought that layouts are, well, layouts and not actual data (despite having a layouts/index.html that is data) and tried to place in various places in data, with matching about.html (with and without a layout entry in the front matter).

Long story short - I never managed to have an about.html page that would not be a single-page formatted.

My question: where should I place the bits and pieces of my About page, so that

  • the content is Markdown …
  • … and processed through its own template (and specifically not single.html because it is not a post entry)

Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I tried so many of the combinations that I must have missed that one. Your explanation the linked question is excellent.

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