How to deal with quotation marks in Markdown?

Hi all,

I was wondering how Hugo deals with quotation marks in markdown files? Is there a definitive documentation anywhere? I am specifically lookign to do the following;

  • Have both ’ and " (single and double) in markdown
  • Have both ’ and " (single and double) in templates

On my website, I see funny looking questionmark icons instead. As seen in the image below…

I have also tried useing &quot in my markup (and also in my templates)

Sorry I couldnt find any reference to how to do it. :frowning:

Thank you heaps for any help

Do you have a git repo to share? This would be difficult to troubleshoot without seeing your code.

Off the top of my head I wonder if it’s related to character encoding, so you could try inserting the following into your <head>, but I doubt this is it.

<meta charset="utf-8">

Thanks Zwbetz, no luck unfortuantely…

I checked and I already have that header…if its of any help, the theme was originally based of the hugo-doc one…

My repo is a private one, d’oh…(for no other reason than because my other software stuff is private so I stuck to bitbucket)…

Does the URL help any?

Below is the one with the funny question marks

Below is the one where I have tried using &quot in a template

Thanks you kindly

If it helps, the question mark you’re seeing is the Unicode Replacement Character:

Thanks zwbetz…

While not the exact problem, it helped me fix it…I dont know why, how it happened but, my single appostraphes were all set to this char -> ’ and I didn’t notice they were not a normal appostraphe…

So a find and replace has done the trick

Thank you heaps!