How to create randomized test questions

I have a website for job interview candidates where I currently have a list of static questions for each job description. But many of the questions can be used on multiple job descriptions. What I would like to do is have a ‘bank’ of questions (each in their own separate .md file) that have tags assigned. And then the front end page would choose 6 random questions from the bank with a tag of ‘azure’ for example.

To that end, I also want to host the answer key in the site, but would like some way to secure or abstract it from the candidate.


If you want your visitors to see 6 random questions every time they visit the page, you’ll need some JS.

If you want the page to contain 6 random questions every time you build the site, that’s something you can do with Hugo.

This is a bit vague, but again smells like a JS thing.

This doesn’t seem like the sort of thing a static site is ideally suited to, what are you going to do with the user choices?

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Yeah, both good points. I will continue to think on this.