How to create Markdown anchor links (non-header)?

I have the following Markdown list:

- **B2B (Business-to-Business)**<a id="b2b"></a>: Payments between two businesses, for example, between a manufacturer and retailer. Unlike in B2C, products and services are not for personal use, are usually sold in bulk, and often involve private price negotiations.

- **B2B2B (Business-to-Business-to-Business)**<a id="b2b2b"></a>: A model where a business indirectly sells to another business through a middleman. This is similar to [B2B](#b2b), but adds an extra link (e.g., manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer).

How can I get the B2B anchor link to work properly with Hugo?

As an additional question, how can I get the bolding to work? I seems like double asterisks doesn’t convert into <strong> tags when there is a parenthesis. For example, **Test** works, but **Test(Test)** doesn’t.

To include HTML with your markdown, you need to configure the markdown renderer in your config.toml file:

unsafe = true

I am unable to reproduce your problem with **Test(Test)**. This renders as:

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