How to create a directory/wiki-like website?

I’d like to create a site with a few categories and invite readers to contribute content. I would like something like this (using an example to illustrate here):

Main categories:

  • Home and appliances
  • Outdoors
  • Exercise

Within each category I would have single pages, say one for each product. On each page I would like to invite users to modify the page (something like this?), and I would also like to invite users to create new pages (perhaps just a link to the github repository).

My questions are:

  • How should I structure a “directory site” like this? By using taxonomies, or something else?
  • Are there any themes that fit particularly well for a directory site like this?
  • Are there perhaps any alternatives to Hugo that fit a site like this better? The site source will be public on GitHub and most content will be created by contributors.

Thank you very much for any input!

Have a look at how Hugo organises its docs site: /

As to the question of whether to use taxonomies: it really depends on your site. Will your content pages belong to multiple “categories”? or are the relationships between content and category strictly parent-child?

Consider a site about books. Each book can be in either Fiction or Non-Fiction, but not both. So Fiction and Non-Fiction would be your Sections. A book author can have a book in either section, so it would make sense to organise Authors as a Taxonomy.

Thank you very much for replying!

The site will have strict parent-child relationships. A child item will only belong to a single category. One category could be “iPhone” and then there would be one page for each iPhone.

In your case then, what you are calling “categories” would actually correspond to Sections in Hugo:

You might want to have a look at documentation tagged themes. These are probably close-ish to being wiki-like in appearance.