How to change logo of hello friend template

Hi, I’m new to Hugo, I’m using the hello friend template and I’m not sure how can change the logo for the entire site.
On hello-friend/layouts/partials/logo.html

  href="{{ if $.Site.Params.Logo.LogoHomeLink }}{{ $.Site.Params.Logo.LogoHomeLink }}{{ else }}{{ $.Site.BaseURL }}{{ end }}"
  style="text-decoration: none;"
  {{ if $.Site.Params.Logo.path }}
    <img src="{{ $.Site.Params.Logo.path }}" alt="{{ $.Site.Params.Logo.alt }}" />
    {{ else }}
    <span class="logo__mark">{{ partial "greater-icon.html" . }}</span>
    <span class="logo__text"
      >{{ with $.Site.Params.Logo.logoText }}{{ . }}{{ else }}hello friend{{ end }}</span
    <span class="logo__cursor"></span>
  {{ end }}

I tried to change .Site.Params.Logo.path inside the config.toml file like this:

    Author = "Gers2017"

    # OS theme is default when not provided, but you can force it to "light" or "dark"
    defaultTheme = "dark"
    # Show reading time in minutes for posts
    showReadingTime = false

        path = "hello.png" # inside: ./static/hello.png
        alt = "Hello Logo"

The above works on the home page but not for any of the posts. (Posts try to load the image from “http://localhost:1313/posts/my-first-post/hello.png”)

Someone correct me if i’m wrong but for this particular case, you might need to put /hello.png

I tried it and it works now. thanks!

        path = "/hello.png"

Just for others as an teaching moment, the reason it works is because the templates are using that string directly. When it gets rendered if it doesn’t have the leading slash it thinks it is a relative path, and relative to whatever page is being rendered. But if it has the leading slash it considered it an absolute path which is what the static folder represents.