How to change baseUrl of my site in a mutli language setup?


I have a website with two languages (de, en). The site renders and it runs fine. I want that the language shortcut is shown in the url → and also
The default language is de and it shows the german content with The english content shows with mydomain/en/.

How can I change the url generating to repect the language tag?
Or will my static website then not work anymore, because there is no for example php-server redirecting to the index.html inside

Other approve would be to make a landing page on to select a language. What do you think? Any suggestions?


You can include the default language code in URL by setting the defaultContentLanguageInSubdir as true on configuration, read more on Multilingual mode | Hugo.

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works now… i dont know why it didn’t first. Restarted my linux also.

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