How to avoid browser content jumping in development mode?

Basically when you are in development mode (with watch on) editing the content will usually cause the page to jump to another fixed location. When you are writing latex, this is more painful as you are kind of using the page to check if it compiled and iterating on that.

I’m wondering if anyone has thought about this or if it possibly to avoid.

I have not dug into it yet but was hoping someone had some clues as to what is setting this starting point. It seems consistent across two browsers that I tested it on.

Obviously not a huge deal but I would dig into it if someone had a good guess as to where to start.

This issue may give some insight into this problem:

Note that this is normally not an issue:

  • Hugo does window.location.reload(); if possible
  • Also, you do image/css edits and that is the only change, we will do “hot reloads”