How is the Apache .htaccess mysteriously generated?


I am new enough to Hugo (and love it!), and despite multiple researches, I could not understand how the .htaccess file is being generated in the public/ directory when I generate the site with the hugo command.

This .htaccess does not embed what I need, so I would like to take control over the generation of this file.

I have looked for the htaccess and apache keywords in my whole project, but no occurrences are found.

I am using a theme (“agico”), which uses modules from but checking each of them, I don’t think any of them is in charge of generating the .htaccess file.

So my questions are:

  1. Do you know what is generating the file?
  2. Do you know how to debug Hugo to identify which piece is generating this file?

Many thanks in advance!
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It seems that the repo contains an .htaccesshugo-modules/gzip-caching/static/.htaccess at master · gethugothemes/hugo-modules · GitHub
You can perhaps disable or overwrite it with another .htaccess (put it in static for example), but I haven’t looked at the gethugothemes and I don’t know if the original is useful :thinking:

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You can disable all transitive imports for a given theme import, but that’s probably not working in this case. One “hacky” way of disabling a module is putting a replace statement ala the below in your `go.mod``file.

replace =>
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Thank you so much!! You are absolutely right.
May I ask you what has been your method to locate it? Eager to learn!

Many thanks @bep, it helps me better understand how modules work, and it will also help me for future debugging.

When I need it for simple needs I place the .htaccess in the static folder.

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