How do you create a Page

I tried creating a page, but it seems to have appeared in the blog feed.

How do i create an “about” page for example, that does not appear in the feed, and does not appear in a section list??

There’s discussion on that in this post:

Ahh so its a shortcoming/peculiarity of Hugo.

This is totally doable - see the latest post in “creating ‘static’ content that uses partials.”

Here is one way off the top of my head -
Create your about page.
In the front-matter set type = "about"
Then in your section lists/feeds layouts, modify the function to exclude any pieces of content with type = “about.”

This just seems such a complex way of doing something that is so basic and fundamental when it comes to blogs.

Why isnt there a special folder called “Pages” where you can store all your static pages and which do not show up in the blogs feed??

Maybe because Hugo tries to be “more” than a simple blog generator.

Arrange your blog/site in sections


Then, on front page, use the where filter to only list blog posts.

where .Data.Pages "Section" "!=" "page"

Or something like that.