How do you conditionally separate the first index of a range without extending into pagination (ie. page 2)

So my title may not be super clear, but what I’m trying to do is range my blog posts on a list.html template which allows the first nth posts to be formatted differently without the formatting continuing onto page 2, 3, etc. I’m basically trying to create a “featured articles” section based on publish date (not tagging or categories).

On my list.html template

    {{ range $index, $page := (.Paginate (where .Data.Pages "Type" "blog")).Pages }}
        {{ if and (eq $index 0) (eq $.URL "/blog/") }}
            {{ .Render "featured" }}
        {{ else }}
            {{ .Render "li" }}
        {{ end }} 
    {{ end }}
    {{ partial "pagination.html" . }}

This renders the first post as a “featured” template, but it will also render the first post on page 2 as a featured template as well. In addition to the above, I also tried using first and after but everything I’d tried extends to page 2 and so on.

I’ve been tinkering with a url filter like (eq $.URL "/blog/") to recognize the first page only, but as of right now it still renders on page 2 and beyond.

Anyone have any suggestions here?

Correction you can get the paginator from anywhere using $.Paginator.PageNumber so:

# inside the range:
{{ if and (eq $index 0) (eq $.Paginator.PageNumber 1) }}
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Yup, it was as simple as that! Thanks!

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