How do you add an email address for people to contact at the bottom of the hugo site landing page?

I thought this would be easy but can’t find the info. How do you add a simple email address for people to click so it opens up their email client on a hugo website? I am trying to make the change in config.toml and have tried this:

    url = ""
    name = "Mail me"
    weight = 4

But it naturally opens in a browser and does not work.

A simple email address for people to click at the bottom would be great.

That behavior will vary from one computer setup to another. It’s not Hugo-specific. What you’re specifying will work if a user has an email client set to intercept all mailto browser links. Many users do, but many others (e.g., webmail users) do not.

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It is in fact very easy.
You just have to find if the theme you are using support this out of the box.

If not you’ll have to add a piece of code in the footer section of your theme, that read the data form params.links.developer and displays it the way you like.