How do Page Image Resource work with the images module

I have set up the images modules and I got „Site Image Resources“ to work. However I would prefer to use „Page Image Resource“. According to the documentation that should be possible.

However, no matter where I put the images all I get is

WARN  image not found: Opcode.png
WARN  image not found: Vertors.png
WARN  image not found: Main.png
WARN  image not found: Screenshot_at_Jul_16_18-35-24.png?height=320px
WARN  image not found: Screenshot_at_Jul_16_18-36-18.png?height=329px
WARN  image not found: Screenshot_at_Jul_16_18-37-15.png?width=640px

I have tried the static, assert and content directory. None worked. I did changed one file to all lower caps as hugo has problems with upper case characters. That didn’t make a difference either.

I have searched github for the for samples but while there are lost of users of the module no one seem to have lots of images files organised in pages.

Full source in branch feature/scale_images

I would recommend asking on the hugomods discussions section:

hugomods · Discussions · GitHub

For reference hugomods is not an official hugo project, but a third party developer.


Ok, I’ll give it a try.

Asking at the right place helped. I leave the solution here for future reference as Google will direct Hugo questions here.

For me the following successfully converted one page:

cd content/atari/hello_world
mkdir car_using_assembler   
git mv car_using_assembler/
git mv ../../../static/atari/hello_world/car_using_assembler/* car_using_assembler 

What I was missing was step 4: Move/Rename page markdown file ``.
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