How do I update to the latest version if Chroma on windows 10?

I’m stuck with this bug, which marks anything after a division in JavaScript syntax, and some comments, with the err class:

Chroma marks this as fixed, and I’ve updated the latest Hugo binary which is currently V0.40. However I’m still experiencing the issue, so I guess I need to update Chroma as well.

What’s the easiest way to update Chroma on windows? I’m struggling to even find where hugo is referencing it from at the moment.

Switching to pygments by setting pygmentsUseClassic = true in config.toml does work for me, at the expense of a few extra seconds build time.

Hugo 0.40 is updated vs Chroma:

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OK, thanks. I guess the issue is not quite as fixed as they think, or perhaps it’s a different one. In any case, I’m happy to revert to pygments for now.