How do I sort a map by default order?

Given the following front matter:

  title = "Dog"
  price = 12
  title = "Ape"
  price = 20
  title = "Cat"
  price = 32

And code:

    {{range .}}

Gives this output:

12: Dog 
20: Ape
32: Cat

But I’d like the default order. Desired output:

Dog: 12 
Ape: 20
Cat: 32

How do I do this please?

What do you mean by “default” order?

{{ range }}
  {{ range $key, $value := . }}
    {{ $key }} : {{ $value }}
  {{ end }}
{{ end }}

By default order, I mean the order as specified in front matter. In this case: title followed by price.

Using your code, you get the following:

price : 12 title : Dog
price : 20 title : Ape
price : 32 title : Cat

Which is not what I’m after, as the order is incorrect: price, then title.

My use case is that I’m creating a table, and the headings are title, then price. By using your code, or my original one, you get the wrong order.

Not sure if it’s linked to this.

{{ range }}
  {{ .title }}: {{ .price }}<br>
{{ end }}

Thank you.

This won’t work as I’m creating a table. Each book needs to have it’s own row, <tr>, with each value having it’s own data cell, <td>.

I don’t see why the short example can’t be amended to look like

{{ range }}
 <tr><td>{{ .title }}:</td><td>{{ .price }}</td></tr>
{{ end }}

Or do you mean something else entirely?

That works. It’s just that I plan on having more values and so I’ll be duplicating code for each parameter. Every time I add a value, I need to add another <td>. I was trying to keep avoid having to repeat myself. Does that make sense?

I’ve been there before. Go orders keys by alphanum and there’s no way around it.

If you you know your keys you can do the following:

{{ range $book := .books }}
  {{ range slice "title" "price" "other" }}
    {{ with index $book . }}
      <td>{{ . }}</td>
    {{ end }}
  {{ end }}
{{ end }}
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Sir, this belongs to you → :crown:

glad I could help

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