How do I add a TOC to my site?

Sorry for bumping this olf thread but is it really not possible?
I’m using and wonder how to add a TOC to a site.’

Edit: Org. asked in Insert table of content in markdown.

Hey, you can just start a new thread and link to the old one.

Anyhow, what do you mean by that? Have you read the The original topic was about loading them as shortcodes. The TOC is added to the rendering template for a given piece of content.

Thx for your reply!

Okay, thx for splitting the threads!

Thx, maybe I understand the original request wrong. My question is: Is the possibility to create a TOC for a site something theme specific or something that works overall?
I’m asking because I could find very basic information how to format text in in its documentation (something like “how to make text bold”) but no information how to create a TOC. So I wondered if this is something not all themes support or if it was forgotten to mention in the documentation.

I read the document at Pages organization :: Documentation for Hugo Learn Theme and found:

# Table of content (toc) is enabled by default. Set this parameter to true to disable it.
# Note: Toc is always disabled for chapter pages
disableToc = "false"

So that theme supports a table of contents. Before we get into adding it (which is explained on the former link), you should figure out the deal with the theme you’re using. Do you have a page with headings that isn’t a chapter? If so, it should show a TOC.

Thx @maiki for your help.

Do you have a page with headings that isn’t a chapter? If so, it should show a TOC.

As far as I understood the documentation provided by your link every page is a non-chapter page (called “default” page) as long as I don’t provide chapter = true.
This is the case for all my pages (no chapter = true given) but I haven’t a TOC in any of my pages. :confused:

To get more help you need to share your code. Your guess is as good as mine, without me seeing what you are doing.

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For others puzzling over this, the learn theme does generate a TOC, but it’s hidden behind an icon to the left of the breadcrumbs.