How can I wrap every partial include in a container?

I’m building my first website with Hugo and I want a Homepage with different partial includes. I created a layout/_default/baseof.html with my main block and a layout/index.html there I define my main block.

In layout/partials/ I have all my includes like „about.html“ or „contactus.html“, with the desired content because there seems no way around currently for use cases like that.

Now, I want to display my sections like „About“ or „Contact us“. I used {{ partial "mySection" . }} every partial include should be wrapped by a <section> Tag. How can I organize my layout files in a way that I will always have my <section> tag around of my content without repeating myself? The tag is important for the CSS.


Define blocks for your sections. If you still feel that it is too much repetition, you have too many sections …

Maybe section is in this context the wrong term for my problem. We could call it container e.g. a <div>tag. How would this look like? Or can I define a small „function“ there I pass the desired partial, which creates my desired HTML around it?