How Can I Use Specific in config file

I want to make specific param in the config.toml file or in the config/params.toml

I want it like that

    name: MyName
    Avatar: image src
    Bio: My descriptions

and then how can I access it in the template?

I am not able to access it like or

Please tell me how Can I access it!

You should be able to access it via if that does not work, then something in your template is not in order. You know about the . (dot) being the scope and all that stuff? If you are inside of a loop (range, with, etc.) or in a shortcode or partial layout it might be, that .Site is NOT what you expect it to be. Try (small site without a dot in the beginning, that’s a “global” access to .Site) - if it brings up nothing then please post more info and a repo that we can check.

Thank You for the detailed answer, I was searcing for solution. the small site worked. Very Thanks