How can I output my tags in the summary limiting the amount of tags?

Hey there, Ive got a problem.
I need to output some of my Summary html from the entries to the page list.html.
The code that generates summary:
{{ $paginator := .Paginate (.Pages.ByDate.Reverse) }}
{{ range $paginator.Pages}}
{{ .Render “summary”}}
{{ end }}

In order to specify what exactly I want in the summary Iv found the following:

Lets suggest that iv created an article and im writing the following code:

{{< gist IzyI 2ff9806e09904641859a277071d8eb02 >}}

But if I write the code in my articles, the shotcodes in archetypes templates stop working and delete the first pert of the article.
- 1

At the same time summary in list.html template is still correct

make a blank line before and after it

I tried your method and i didn`t achieve desired result.
But problem remains.
This is my githab where i try to do it.

I have this version of Hugo:
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.64.0-DEV linux/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

Where do I have problems?