How can I make Hugo respect newlines in text?

I’m working on a project right now that makes heavy use of code samples. What I’d like to be able to do is store those samples as strings (I have a complex generation script that makes those strings…long story) and have Hugo respect newlines in those strings. Here’s a very basic example:

# data/samples.yaml
- "foo/nbar"

What I’d like to be able to do is to make those strings respect the newline, like so:


Is there a Hugo function that does this? I’ve tried a bunch of them but none have worked thus far.


There’s no newline here, just a slash and an n. Newlines are escaped n, thus

Building off the replies of others…

Given data/samples.yaml

  # Will literally show this string
  - foo\nbar
  # Will respect newlines
  - |

Then this template

{{ range site.Data.samples.samples }}
{{ . }}
{{ end }}

Will output this



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Try this, it will also support other HTML or MD tag like **Bold**, <i>italic<i>


# data/samples.yaml
- "foo<br>bar"


{{ range site.Data.samples.samples }}
{{ . |markdownify}}
{{ end }}


unsafe = true

Okay, actually I mischaracterized the issue. The issue is that I need to generate strings with newlines and have Hugo respect those newlines. I was confusing two things I was working on, derp. Something like this:

{{ $key := "my_key" }}
{{ $value := "some string" }}
{{ $concatenated := printf `[%s]\nvalue = "%s"` $key $value }}
{{ $tomlExample := highlight $concatenated "toml" "" }}

    {{ $tomlExample }}

I want the output to look like this (note that it’s on multiple lines):

value = "some string"

It’s kind of a silly example but it illustrates what I’m after.

The syntax if off a bit.

Change this:

`[%s]\nvalue = "%s"`

To this:

"[%s]\nvalue = \"%s\""

@zwbetz Unfortunately Hugo just gives the raw string inside of <code>. I’m not sure there’s a great way directly around this. I’ve come up with a workaround that involves avoiding string interpolation entirely and I’m satisfied with it :rofl:Thanks for having a look!

Hmm. It rendered correctly on my end.

Well, glad to hear you found another solution.

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