How can I implement the feature just like "Quote of the day"?

Saying I have a bunch of quotes stored locally in my YAML file, and I like to create a shortcode to randomly get one quote based on the current date. I’ve tried shuffle command, but it only gets the randomness on a new build. Can anyone help me with this?

This is an example of the quote file:

  - content: >
      For now, suffice it to say that because the source code was widely available, various organizations developed
      their own (incompatible) versions, which led to chaos. Two major versions developed, System V, from AT&T, and BSD
      (Berkeley Software Distribution) from the University of California at Berkeley. These had minor variants as well.
      To make it possible to write programs that could run on any UNIX system, IEEE developed a standard for UNIX, called
      POSIX, that most versions of UNIX now support. POSIX defines a minimal system-call interface that conformant UNIX
      systems must support. In fact, some other operating systems now also support the POSIX interface.
      Andrew S. Tanenbaum
      Modern Operating Systems

  - content:
      What I cannot create, I do not understand.
      Richard Feynman

You could use javascript to show a different quote from some datasource on every page refresh, or, you could schedule a hugo build every night.