How can i get page data from a Headless Bundle

Hey all,

so on my home page I am pulling content from across the site that has a particular frontmatter setting. The purpose of this is to have a promo area where we can promote any content from any section so marked. Here’s the code:

  {{ $pages := where .Page.Pages ".Params.homepage" "==" true}}
{{ range  first 4 $pages }}

<div class="home-cta-item">
      class="link text-black"
      href="{{ if }} {{ | safeURL }} {{ else }} {{.RelPermalink}} {{end}}"
      {{ if }} target="_blank" {{end}}
      {{ .Params.homepageTitle | default .Title}}
      {{ partial "svg/chevron-right" (dict "class" "red" ) }}
  {{ .Params.homepageLead | default .Content | safeHTML | truncate 120 }}
{{ end }}

What I need to do is add a new section to the site that will be Headless (ie no permalinks etc) but include it within this home page section .

This section has the following directory structure:

There will of course be multiple entries within the 2019 folder.

Any suggestions?