How can I create a deeper level of detail page for single list content

Hi everyone,

I’m building our job posting pages with Hugo. So we will have a “Join Us” section with list of job postings there and then we will need a detail page for each job post, something like /join/software_engineer/. Hugo works good for this part, I created a section page template and single page template, with all the job post in content folder.

But now we need a deeper level of detail page, like /join/software_engineer/submit/ to submit the resume and other info. The detail page may look very similar for every job post, and will need some info from the single list content and a structured URL. Is there any way I can achieve this in a “HUGO way”? (Right now I’m coding the submit section with a modal, but still very curious if this kind of detail page is achievable.)

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance :slight_smile: .

One way would be to make /join/job-foo/ a list page, i.e. join/job-foo/, so you can nest a child page under it, i.e. join/job-foo/submit/

Note that if you do this, the job-foo page will now be a list page, and will need a corresponding list layout.