Home page isn't generated

This is my folder structure:

In particular my content is

  • a home page _index.md
  • a single page links/index.md

and my layouts (from theme) are (only):

  • _default/baseof.html
  • _default/list.html
  • _default/single.html

My problem is, that the home page index.html doesn’t generate. I want that the home page just uses _default/list.html, or possibly _default/single.html if I change the frontmatter. As far as I can read here, the _default/list.html layout should be looked up, but apparently it isn’t. Setting e.g. layout = single in the frontmatter doesn’t help. Actually, I can’t even get it generated by adding more layouts like index.html.

Can somebody tell me what is going wrong?

Just solved it. Had disableKinds = ['home'] to not see the RSS feed. Now have disableKinds = ['RSS'].

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