Help with Scratch

I have a custom variable $pages.

{{$pages}} gives [Product - A Product - B]

I would like to replace the values in $pages with the values from a dictionary, $dictionary that I have created.

{{$dictionary := (dict "Product - A" "Australia" "Product - B" "Belgium" "Product - C" "Canada")}}

{{range $pages}}
{{$.Scratch.Add "products" .}}
{{range $k, $v := $dictionary}}
{{$.Scratch.Set "products" (replace ($.Scratch.Get "products") $k $v)}}

{{$.Scratch.Get "products"}} gives AustraliaBelgium, one value instead of two values.

I need the output to be [Australia Belgium], two separate values, so that I can format it correctly for my JSON file.

Hope this helps: