Help test browser errors etc. (new in next Hugo 0.50)

Tested this on MacOS Mojave with Hugo Static Site Generator v0.50-DEV/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown and it works like a charm. I remember years ago that webhook had this features with Swig templating. I forgot just how much I loved it (and forgot about it in general, honestly). This is an awesome feature. Thanks much, Bjørn Erik.

@holehan I’ve very recently made the switch to VS Code from years with ST3. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction w/r/t jumping to a specific line in a file so that I can test this as well? From the main menu, when I hit “Terminal > New Terminal,” it only opens the native OSX terminal. Thanks!

You need to wait a little before you can do that. When I get to merge my “work thread”, you can do “cmd+click” on the filename and it will take you to the correct file and position. Believe me, that is really useful.

I have no merged my “error related” changes – and this should now be fairly nice.

Awesome! Will test later. Thanks for the quick reply, @bep!

I am speculating here, but I suspect you are using a mac and have the global scrollbars preferences set to “When scrolling”. Setting them to “Automatically” will show the deactivated scrollbars in those error messages. At least that’s how I could reproduce your findings on my mac.

Anyway, quoting myself :wink:, here is one way to fix it in

Note that I have “pre-wrap” etc. for the pre element, so it should not be any overflow … but it should not hurt. And the above also looks fine in my browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox on macOS Mojave).

(and yes, I see the spelling mistake in the commit message)