(HELP) How-To Function SHA1 & MD5 in ShortCode Gohugo

I asked, how do I make the function sha1 / md5 in the shortcodes


{{ sha1 "{{.}}" }}


{{< sha1 mtf>}}

values ​​that come out, sha1 on hugo shortcode (mtf) -> (db39c2cb9cb2a732f2748538826367831b1622de)

when I make sure whether the value is the same, in www.sha1-online.com is different. it was different

values ​​that come out, sha1 on sha1-online.com (mtf) -> (f4be9f1875c23da39e85c98298a426faba7d9e3c)

please help, thank you :wink:


{{ sha1 (.Get 0) }}

Also see https://gohugo.io/templates/shortcode-templates/

OK. @bep Thank you very much