Hello-friend-ng theme issue with rendering relative path to /blog/blog

Hi, I had to redeploy my blog to GitHub and I am having an issue when rendering the href of the main menu.
The deployment is fine and pages are loading all good.
The landing page is: Pedro Junqueira — Data Engineer
but the link to posts should render Posts :: Pedro Junqueira — Data Engineer and not https://pedrojunqueira.github.io/blog/blog/posts. There is an extra /blog on the url path I cannot get rid of. Any thoughts?
Here is my config.toml

Hi there,

maybe you should try to tweak the URL management?
See URL Management | Hugo

Your baseURL is baseURL = "https://pedrojunqueira.github.io/blog". That /blog is appended to every link.


Hi @jmooring thanks for pointing me on the right direction. I changed on the menu template from relLangURL to absLangURL. The file in the theme is hugo-theme-hello-friend-ng/menu.html at master · rhazdon/hugo-theme-hello-friend-ng · GitHub. in line 5 change to absLangURL. Redeployed and issue is now fixed.

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